REVLY Communication Server Installation

Installation Requirements

REVLY Communication Server is a collection of installation, management and configuration tools for enterprise-class email groupware, and instant messaging. Before installing please ensure your target server meets the minimum hardware requirements.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 64bit Intel architecture (x86_64)
  • DVD-ROM drive
  • Dedicated hard drive. Minimum size of 20GB, 100GB or greater is recommended.
  • Ethernet network card. Minimum 100 base-T, 1000 base-T is recommended.

Software Requirements

REVLY OS includes all required software.

Software Components

REVLY OS installs and configures the following software. Please refer to each website for additional software licenses and copyrights: 

Installing REVLY OS

REVLY OS can be installed using a DVD-ROM installation disk or iso image. REVLY OS is a minimal Linux operating system which has been customized for easy installation of the REVLY Communication Server. The DVD-ROM can be used to install on a bare-metal or virtualized server. Please follow your hardware or virtualization vendor's instructions for booting your server using a DVD image or disk. 

After booting the server using the DVD-ROM a welcome screen will be presented. The DVD-ROM includes a kickstart file to simplify the installation process. By default the DVD-ROM will attempt to bypass the installer and boot to the local hard drive. To start the install press the Down-Arrow key to choose “Install REVLY OS” in the menu. Press Enter to begin the installation. Press the Tab key if you need to provide additional boot time options. If no key is pressed the installation will be bypassed and the server will attempt to boot from the local drive.

Once the installer has been started it will detect your hardware then load the Anaconda system installer in text mode. Use the Tab or Arrow keys to move the cursor. Press Space or Enter to select options.

You will be prompted to provide network settings for your server. Choose to enable IP version 4 and/or version 6. Choose dynamic or manual configuration for each protocol you wish to use. Select OK when done. If you choose manual configuration you will be prompted to provide an IP address, subnet, gateway, and name server for your interface. If your are unsure of what network settings to use for your server, please consult your network administrator.

The installer will prompt you to choose a language to use during the installation process.

The installer will prompt you to select a keyboard type/layout for your server. Please choose the correct layout for your server. If you are unsure about which type to use, select the standard US keyboard layout.

Choose a time zone for your server from the list. You may opt to have the system clock use UTC.

Create a new root password for your server. DO NOT lose this password. You will need this password to continue the setup process after the installation is complete. 

The installer will prompt you to partition your hard drive. This will make changes to your disk. Be sure to backup any existing data on your disk before proceeding. For a typical installation it is recommended to use the entire drive. If you have more than one drive, select a drive for the OS install and configure additional disks after the installation is complete.

The installer will now install REVLY OS on your server. This process will vary in time depending on the size and speed of your drives. When the installation is complete remove the CD-ROM and reboot your server to complete the setup.