Android CalDAV Setup

Here are instructions on how to easily setup calendars to sync between your phone and email with REVLY.

Step 1

Download the Android CalDAV app on your Android Device here

Step 2

Once the app has been installed, open it and choose the account type "CalDAV".

Step 3

Underneath "Add CalDAV account", enter the following settings:

  • Server Name:
  • Check the box that says "Use SSL"
  • Username: your full email address
  • Password: your email password*

*Note: you may have to scroll down to find the password field

Step 4

Select the calendar you wish to synchronize.

Step 5

Underneath "Add account...", enter your email address to associate it with this account.

Make sure you uncheck the box that says "Sync from server to phone only".

Step 6

Press finish to complete the setup. Your calendar will now sync between your device and your email account.