Setup Email on your Android Device (Jelly Bean)

Step 1

Navigate to Settings on your Android device and select Accounts & Sync.

Step 2

Press the Plus sign to add an account.

Step 3

Select Mail.

Step 4

Enter your Email Address and Password and press Next.

Step 5

Change the protocol from POP to IMAP.  Press POP to invoke the menu.

Step 6

Select IMAP to change the protocol.

Step 7

Enter for your IMAP Server.

Step 8

Change the Security Type from None to TLS.  Press None to invoke the menu.

Step 9

Select TLS to change the Security Type.

Step 10

Ensure that the IMAP Server Port is 143.

Step 11

Select Next to confirm the Incoming Settings.

Step 12

Enter for your SMTP Server.

Step 13

Change the Security Type from None to TLS.  Press None to invoke the menu.

Step 14

Select TLS to change the Security Type (Protocol).

Step 15

Ensure that the SMTP Server Port is 587.

Step 16

Select Next to confirm the Outgoing Server Settings.

Step 17

Set the Account Name.  Your email address is a good name for the account.

Step 18

Enter Your Name.  This is what people will see when they receive your messages.

Step 19

Finally press Finish Setup.