REVLY DNS Settings With GoDaddy

The following instructions will demonstrate how to configure your DNS settings in GoDaddy.

Mail Exchange (MX) Records

Mail exchange records tell email servers where to send email for your domain. To start receiving emails at REVLY you will need to remove any existing MX records associated with your domain. Then add the following records to your name server.

Canonical Name (CNAME) Records

Canonical name records tell web browsers and mail clients alternate names for servers on the Internet. REVLY uses CNAME records to direct browsers to webmail and administration panels. Additionally CNAME records are used to direct instant messages to REVLY. If any of these records exist for the names below, please remove them from your name server before proceeding.

Service Locater (SRV) Records

Server locater records tell clients which servers to use for certain services on the Internet. REVLY uses SRV records to direct instant messaging servers and clients to REVLY's servers. If your name server does not support adding SRV records you may omit these steps, however, performance will be degraded.