Ejabberd with REVLY

About Ejabberd

Ejabberd is an instant messaging server using the XMPP protocol, which is an open standard created by the Jabber Foundation, (now a part of Cisco Systems).  XMPP uses an open approach, by which anyone may implement an XMPP service and interoperate with other organizations' implementations.  Ejabberd is created by ProcessOne of Paris, France.

Installing Ejabberd with REVLY

The REVLY Communication Server installs and configures a fully functional instance of Ejabberd configured to work with the following components:

During the setup of the REVLY Communication Server a wizard gathers information needed to create configuration files to make the various components work together. Below is a brief summary of the questions asked. For a detailed description of the process please view the Installation Guide.


What is the LDAP Suffix for this installation? [revly]
What is the LDAP User (RootDN) for this installation? [Manager]
What is the LDAP Password (RootPW) for this installation? [passw0rd]