OpenSSL with REVLY

About OpenSSL

OpenSSL is an open-source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols. It is used by two-thirds of the worlds web servers for encrypted traffic. REVLY uses SSL and TLS to secure email, web, and instant messaging connections.

Configuring OpenSSL with REVLY

The REVLY Server installs and configures a fully functional instance of OpenSSL configured to work with the following components:

Configuring SSL keys with REVLY is easily done with the REVLY Server Configuration Wizard. After downloading the REVLY Communication Server and following the steps in the Installation Guide, proceed to the Configuration Guide to configure SSL keys and certificates. The REVLY UMI (User Management Interface) generates a private security key, a self-signed certificate and a certificate signing request (CSR) that can be given to a Certificate Authority (CA) for creating a trusted third-party certificate. The wizard will ask questions used to create a self-signed security certificate for your server. The FQDN entered here does not have to be resolved locally and can begin with “*.”. If your server is to host mail and instant messaging services for you may wish to enter “*”. The generated certificate will then be valid for any sub-domain of that resolves to the server's IP address such as,,, etc.


Configuring SSL. Values entered below will be used to generate configuration files for ssl certificates. 
Please answer all questions. You may press the 'ENTER' key to accept default values (, in brackets []). 
What is the fqdn for the SSL certificate? Wild cards (*) are accepted. [localhost]
ssl host: * 
What is the country (2 letter code) for this server? [US] 
ssl country: US
What is the State or Province Name (full name) for this server? [LA] 
ssl state: Louisiana
What is the Locality Name (eg. city) for this server? [New Orleans] 
ssl city: New Orleans
What is the Organization (eg. company) for this server? [Maxwell Worthington, LLC.]
ssl organization: Maxwell Worthington, LLC.
What is the Organizational Unit Name (eg. section) for this server? [REVLY] 
ssl unit: REVLY
What is the email address of a contact for this server? [] 
ssl email:
Saving Configuration.