Dovecot With REVLY

About Dovecot

Dovecot, is a high-volume IMAP server, started by Timo Sirainen, with security in mind. IMAP servers let users check their email. Dovecot is highly functional by default. REVLY configures Dovecot to work with additional components.

Installing Dovecot

The REVLY Communication Server installs and configures a fully functional instance of Dovecot configured to work with the following components:

  • OpenLDAP (User Directory)
  • PidgeonHole (Email Delivery Filters)
  • Mail Storage (Local/NFS/S3)
  • Postfix (Incoming Email Server)
  • SOGo (Webmail, Calendars, and Contacts)

During the setup of the REVLY Communication Server a wizard gathers information needed to create configuration files to make the various components work together. Below is a brief summary of the questions asked. For a detailed description of the process please view the Installation Guide.

Email Dovecot and Postfix

What is the hostname for this installation? [localhost]


What is the LDAP Suffix for this installation? [revly]
What is the LDAP User (RootDN) for this installation? [Manager]
What is the LDAP Password (RootPW) for this installation? [passw0rd]