Contacts Overview

Having contacts keep you connected.  With REVLY all your contacts sync across all your devices.  Share your contacts with others.  Drag and drop contacts to address books.  Choose from a predefined set of categories or create your own categories and associate them to contacts. Export contacts to LDIF or import cards from a LDIF or vCard file.

Documentation can be found for using and setting up contacts in SOGo webmail, Thunderbird desktop mail client, the Mac mail application, Microsoft Outlook and Android devices.

REVLY Contacts Software

SOGo, (formerly named Scalable,) is a powerful Groupware solution providing webmail, calendars, contacts, and synchronization with desktops and mobile devices. SOGo is not a stand-alone system. It requires integration will other software components to be fully functional.

  • SOGo (Groupware Server)

REVLY Contacts Protocols

CardDAV (short for Card Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is an address client/server protocol designed to allow users to access and share contact data on a server.

CardDAV is based on WebDAV, which is based on HTTP, and it uses vCard for contact data